Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The summer is gone

The wonderful warm yellow English rose Golden Celebration is flowering again.
Today we had some rain, after weeks of no rain. Always so beautiful to see the drops on the rose petals.

It seems the summer is gone now, it is not so sunny and warm anymore.

The seeds of the Hollyhock. So beautiful in a web of "lace".

The lovely Dahlias always brighten up the autumn garden.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Flowers, flowers, summer memories

Flowers, I love to photograph flowers. In the garden, in the countryside, everywhere.
Most of the time I use my macro lens, to see and photograph the amazing details.

Scabiosa Purpurascens is one of my favorite flowers. The flowers are so delicate and have a wonderful blue color.

A single purple Columbine.
Below the hardy Geranium versicolor. All the photos I made of photos in my garden.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Summer in October

It feels and looks like summer, it is 25C :-), but it is October.
Of course it is nice that it is so warm and sunny, but it isn't normal and we haven't had rain (enough rain) for a long time. I'm worried about the climate changes.

I'm glad there are still a lot of flowers blooming in the garden. A few weeks ago I  bought the Anemone, I love the beautiful delicate flowers and it is a lovely autumn flower.
The sunny Aster is also flowering very good and is growing very well. 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Still or again flowering in october

The beautiful yellow David Austin rose Graham Thomas is flowering again.
This is an English rose, with cupped blooms. It has a wonderful fragance.
I love English roses because there are flowering for a long time and these rose plants are healthy and strong.

The last days it is very warm, like summer, 24 C. 

This purple pink Phlox is still flowering in the garden. I have many Phlox plants they are perpect garden plants.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Sunny white Rudbeckia

Last month I also bought a white Rudbeckia garden plant. There are also beautiful, like the purple ones.
There are photogenic too :-)
I used my 250 mm Canon telelens to get close to the flower, I couldn't get close enough with my 60mm macro lens.

Purple Rudbeckia

Wonderful autumn flowers, the purple pink flowers of the Rudbeckia.
They brighten up the garden in fall.
Love the way they look with the petals a bit hanging down and the stamen at the top.
The contrasting colors a so beautiful too.